… It was inevitable that the feminine world of Leonardo Lucchi’s works found expression in what more than anything else expresses femininity on a woman: the jewel. The line and the movement are the protagonists. The sense of rest that the girl conveys in the hammock is perceptible only when the jewel is worn. The abandoned arm and the woman’s hand contained in the heaviness of the relaxed body in the hammock continues around the neck and protrudes from the line of the composition. A hand that comes out of the axis of the figure and summarizes that of a tuft of hair or the movement of a knee that creates the shadow to anticipate a gesture shows the representation of a feeling expressed in the line and in the light. The light in these jewels is the natural one offered by the portability that enhances the surfaces. They are always “moved”, not polished, so that the glow does not slip away but stops on the curves of the model as in sculpture it lingers on the knurling of the bronze. For this reason the artist often prefers to leave the semi-finished gold, congenial also with his artistic creed made up of moving figures, “always becoming” as the becoming of the life he represents.

Dr. Silvia Pichi

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